Collega Aveda


Collega International is a division of Aveda, a renowned worldwide corporation with a focus on the beauty and cosmetic industries. Collega International offers Academic Programs and training courses providing degrees in the operational aspects of the beauty and cosmetic industries.

At the time Collega contacted OneWorldSIS, they were using multiple solutions including ACT and primarily silo-based student information databases which collectively managed the student lifecycle. As the educational activities increased, it became apparent existing systems were not going to be able to integrate easily or scale as needed. After an extensive Requirements Analysis process and due diligence, Collega moved forward initially starting with moving away from ACT. To date, Collega has implemented all facets of the Student Lifecycle from existing inquiry portal integration to applicant to student to classes to invoicing to full integration with Dynamics NV.

From Joel Bucad, Collega IT Director, “CRM2013 and OneWorldSIS has been a game changer for us, from the way we manage all of our students’ information from our schools across the country, to the way we manage our daily duties as a team.”

As the next phase in Collega’s technology transition, they plan to implement the full OneWorldSIS HTML5 Portal Suite.