BeOnAir Media School


BeOnAir Media Schools were founded to provide career education in the field of digital media. With multiple campuses across the United States, the emphasis is hands-on training using the latest digital media technology to prepare graduates for careers in the media industry.

The Media Schools were using Salesforce and multiple electronic files to manage student records and provide needed organizational reporting. This disparate web of data files was inefficient to work with, requiring a significant number of touches and data compiling to manage the activities and generate reports.

The Media Schools were able to quickly integrate OneWorldSIS and Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams and other reporting tools to enable a quick transition from an all in-person delivery platform to an all-virtual delivery, and back to a hybrid delivery platform. The new capabilities have allowed the organization to expand their program offering and share faculty resources across campuses engaging more students without requiring additional faculty staff.

Reporting functions were reduced from 20 hours a week to produce actional information to then 6 hours per week. Time gained is now dedicated to evaluating the information and identifying recruiting and curriculum program initiatives that add the most value.