University of Saint Boniface


The University of Saint Boniface (USB) is a prestigious higher-education French Canadian institution in Winnipeg, Canada, founded in 1818 with a current Degree Program student enrollment of 1300 and Continuing Education enrollment of 4,500.

After a review of the extensive due diligence and requirements validation, the consensus of USB’s selection committee was that the OneWorldSIS Student Information System and Dynamics Finance and Operations best met their functionality requirements and long-term technology vision. The initial phases focused on implementing Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations while configuring OneWorldSIS to meet the initial MVP Requirements. This effort was fast-tracked with Dynamics Finance and Operations and OneWorldSIS Student Information System implemented within ten months, rolling out enhanced functionality that was not available with their existing setup, including the OneWorldSIS ReactJS Azure-based Student Portal.

USB has housing accommodations for over one hundred students. By migrating to the new OneWorldSIS housing records functionality the administrative staff was able leverage the platform to automate the majority of their existing manual placement process and record-tracking activities. USB’s current application and admissions portal solution is based on older technology interfaced with their existing legacy student information system and is currently being replaced by the functionality available with the modern OneWorldSIS Admission Application Portal.

The University of Saint Boniface organized and envisioned a digital future. Through solid leadership, strong determination, and project management, USB has achieved a number of key milestones in replacing an existing student information system and numerous disparate data silos. They organized an experienced team of key users and stakeholders who stayed engaged, committed the time, and provided the assistance needed in working with our teams to reach the project key objectives. USB has achieved improved operational efficiencies with greater student engagement and has made the digital transformation to a system that will continue to evolve for years to come.