M&S Media Selects OneWorldSIS Student Information System

We are pleased to announce M&S Media, parent company of BeOnAir, has selected OneWorldSIS to provide a cloud-based student lifecycle platform for their network of media schools. BeOnAir is a national broadcast media educational organization with locations in Florida, Colorado, Ohio and Illinois.

OneWorldSIS Student Information System, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and the OneWorldSIS HTML5 Portal Suite replaces an existing CRM solution and an in-house student system with their end-to-end digital platform. The advanced technology of OneWorldSIS will provide the staff of each institution with the ability to engage individual students as they progress from potential applicant, to student, to alumni to a successful career in the broadcast field.

M&S Media’s BeOnAir Media Schools offer instruction in all areas of the broadcast media industry. It is a comprehensive, hands-on program, where students are trained by broadcast media professionals currently working in the field. The Media schools possess a unique mix of broadcasting leadership and experience. For more information contact [email protected]