OneWorldSIS Student Information System selected by IBERO University to replace Ellucian Banner

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / OneWorldSIS, Inc., a Global Leader in transformative Student Information Systems, announced today that the IBERO-American University Corporation in Colombia, has selected OneWorldSIS to replace their current Ellucian Banner student information system. Together with strategic partner Resamplio A.S., OneWorldSIS will deploy the OneWorldSIS Student Information System and the OWSIS Portal Suite to serve IBERO’s over 14,000 students across Columbia.

IBERO’s digital transformation vision is at the center of their mission to deliver an unparalleled student experience along with operational excellence. The innovative cloud-based solution of OneWorldSIS, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, enables institutions to utilize a data-driven platform, greatly increasing productivity and efficiencies. By streamlining student information data, OneWorldSIS will assist IBERO in delivering a more transparent and intuitive digital experience.

Henry Hickman, OneWorldSIS President and CEO, said, “Today’s universities and colleges require student systems that are inherently adaptable to meet the needs of a variety of educational pathways like certificates, degrees, and programs. Most institutions are struggling to meet these needs with costly, decades-old legacy systems that lack the flexibility to adapt to the dynamic and changing needs of higher education. OneWorldSIS, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform, provides a single connected digital world with enterprise level student management functionality, future proof technology, and adaptability to tailor the core solution as needed. IBERO University will now be able to transition to a dynamic, evolving platform that will provide the underlying foundation for the institution to execute on its long-term vision as a world class educational organization.”

About Ibero-American University Corporation:

The Ibero-American University Corporation, with its main headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia, was founded in 1982 and offers 30 programs in Health Sciences, Education, Human and Social Sciences, Business Sciences and Engineering. IBERO has over 14,000 students, of which 70% are virtual. Supported by quality accreditations, IBERO has grown nationally and internationally because it has become the first option for students who require flexibility in time, space and learning routes.

About OneWorldSIS:

OneWorldSIS delivers educational solutions that enable users and constituents to achieve the most optimal organizational processes possible. Built on the powerful, and extendable Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, OneWorldSIS represents a paradigm shift in the way educational organizations and institutions manage their activities and processes. Founded in 2010, and headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, OneWorldSIS has achieved global acceptance with educational institutions on five continents. For more information, [email protected]